Once a tour package is confirmed, keeping track of every customer detail such as date of arrival, date of departure, mode of road transport, duration of stay and travel itinerary especially during peak tourists' seasons is practically impossible. Nevertheless, it is extremely important for your business to ensure exemplary customer-care.
Travel Agency Management Software
  • Do managing reservations require at least 1 hour or more per customer?
  • Is your team prone to making mistakes when making multiple reservations at once?
  • Have botched up reservation or operational delays ended up in you losing money, customers or both?

If you've answered "Yes," to the above questions, you can rest assured that TripMaker's In-Service Management solution will be an answer to your prayers. Every minutes detail regarding every one of your customers can be accessed instantly that is, within seconds and you can even give your customers your contact number as well to extend that personal touch and reassurance of being well taken care of while at the same time being confident that in an emergency, you can always be of help.

The TripMaker In-Service Management offers multiple benefits such as:

  • Engage one-on-one with the customer throughout the entire travel cycle – during this time, you can provide them with all the information and travel support they need
  • Drive more revenue – your customers may choose to purchase additional products and services directly with you
  • Increase client satisfaction and loyalty – provide accurate real-time trip information for your customers and support them throughout their travels, by providing suggestions and guidance
  • Reduce operating costs – you can reduce customer service workload by including all the information they will need during their trips, updated in real-time.

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Please note that the TripMaker software is 100% online and accessible with your assigned user name and password and our services are payable on a monthly basis. There is no installation, after-sales services or maintenance charges payable once you subscribe to our services.